Surely, entirely new & shiny hybrid tablets or graphic cards costing more than $1K may look cool, however, there are many other ways to look cool and still not end up broke. Purchasing out of the box PC’s doesn’t approve as a healthy habit for your bank figures. As a high-tech hardware seller, we know that there are many other ways to make sure that your device runs swiftly for years to come, without completely replacing your entire devices. However, if your PC still keeps messing around with your mental health, it’s not a bad idea to get it checked or get a new one.

If you make small investments into new vital hardware, you will not just save money but also boost up the life of your device. Such upgrades put new life into dying systems without taking a toll on your monthly or yearly budget. The only considerable aspect here is that you choose your hardware part carefully and after fitting it at the right spot, and you are good to go!

If you are having a hard time choosing which device to replace first, here’s a list of recommended upgrades for you:

Speed things up with an SDD

The most obvious place to start with is the hard drive. If your PC uses a mechanical hard drive, replacing it with a new SSD will turn it into a whole new machine. New SSD’s inject new life into your PC by speeding up file transfer, boot options, and enhances general system responsiveness. Moreover, if you are low on budget, you can always install an SSD with a smaller capacity of 128GB or 256GB and use it as a primary for your day to day tasks. On the other hand, you can keep your meaningful data on larger capacity sized mechanical cheap hard disk drives.

Does your pc stop you from multitasking?

The second best option to speed up your PC is to add more RAM. If you are having trouble performing multiple tasks on your PC because it is still hung up on the previous tabs you closed, the problem is likely to be low memory. Average PC’s run on a minimum of 2GB or 4GB RAM. However, they might turn into a headache after you realize that your PC might be average, but your tasks aren’t, therefore, 8GB is adequate and 16GB RAM should be more than enough for any mainstream work. Anything above that is overkill RAM’s unless you are going for the higher bus speed which can be expensive but still overkill

Adding more RAM to your PC helps you do multiple tasks, run multiple programs simultaneously. Surely nobody likes when their PC gets stuck if they open more than a dozen tabs. If you’re experiencing this problem then try juicing your PC with a new RAM and feel the difference.

Make sure your PC is getting the right amount of power

Another major hardware component, that is usually overlooked, is the power supply. An old power supply can lead to many unwanted issues that may lead to some heavy expenses due to fluctuations in electricity, your PC could crash & leave you with no other option but to replace your CPU or monitor.

Replacing your CPU might not be a bad idea

If you’ve been using the same PC for the past 5 or 10 years, you should start thinking about getting a new one. Replacing hardware into an on CPU with an old motherboard won’t do you any good. Upgrading to a newer CPU can be expensive since you probably will need to buy a compatible socket motherboard with it, but it’ll be worth it!

If you are looking to upgrade to the latest generation of CPU’s, you will come across two choices;

  • • Intel
  • • AMD

Both of these brands have their flaws and advantages but nothing too concerning for you hit your head around for. If you are low on budget, you may go for AMD’s as they are cheaper, whereas, Intel’s are expensive. Besides the minor difference in price, both of these brands produce reliable quality processors, along with many other accessories.

Treat your PC with the best graphics cards

In the era of modern gaming, not everybody uses a PlayStation or Xbox. Some professional players still love the traditional form of gaming through their PC’s. However, for high-quality games, you certainly need a good PC with high-speed RAM, large storage for those high volume games, and a good graphic card to support all the high-resolution games you want to play.

In order to get the best gaming experience you might want to choose between the following;

  • • AMD
  • • Nvidia

If you are low on budget, you might go for the AMD graphic card which is pretty much affordable for any gamer, however, AMD offers late support and driver updates. On the other hand, if you are looking for something that has better support and driver updates and you have no issue in spending multiple digit amounts on high-quality gaming experience, Nvidia’s graphics cards should be the right pick for you.

Cool things up with a fan or heat sink cooling system

We may not notice, our PC’s go through a lot of heat and pressure for us. The least we can do is make sure their insides stay clean and cool for them to work efficiently.

Traditional ways of liquid cooling have gotten pretty overrated. On the other hand, heat sinks and fans are more than adequate as long they are kept clean and lubricated, which should keep them quiet and cool for a long time.

Moreover, make sure to clean the dust that usually sticks to the PC’s motherboard and other hardware and often slows it down at least once in 1-2 months. No matter how much dust you find inside your PC, cleaning it takes a big burden off of it.

Get better display for better visualization

Get better display for better visualization The display we get on our monitor screens is what makes spending a few pounds worth it. Before adding any additional hardware to boost up your computer’s performance, make sure you have got the right type of monitor for the result you are expecting, especially if you are a gamer. These days, the latest 4K IPS LED solutions displays are getting expensive but the good news is that the least expensive FHD displays are cheaper than ever.

If you are not sure if you should get a 4K display monitor or not, you should know that 4K is overkill unless you are a 3D content creator or a coder who is looking for more coding space on a display. Yet with FHD 60Hz displays you can easily get sufficient work done without breaking your bank.


To put things in a nutshell, here at Subserve Ltd, we understand the never-ending need for new hardware every once in a while to keep your PC upgraded and away from performance-related issues. Since prices vary from website to website, you are probably worried where you will find the best quality product at the best price. Fortunately for you, we keep our products updated with the latest market prices. However, no matter how low your budget may be, quality and performance come first. To make sure our customers get the best quality, we provide our customers with hardware devices from top-selling brands like HP, Dell, Cisco, IBM, Lenovo and many more.

So if you are suffering from a low-speed PC, try one of these upgrades and make your PC healthy again!